How Martech (Marketing Technology) Keeps Up with The Modern Customer and Experience in 2020

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Technology keeps on advancing at a rapid rate. Using technology has become the answer to solving complex problems. This is the reason why marketing and branding companies are using WIFI and WIFI data analytics technology to help their clientele collect data on customers. The data is important in understanding the modern customer with the objective of providing them with the best customer experience.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is a product of the relationship between an organization and a customer over a duration of time. Depending on a customer’s experience, a business can enjoy great sales or tank with poor sales. If there is good rapport, then the customer will keep on coming back and even generate referrals. But if the relationship is poor, it is unlikely that the customer will come back. The organization will also lose one of its most valuable assets: word of mouth (or genuine online reviews) from satisfied customers.

Keeping with The Modern Customer Trends

As established above, customer experience is important for businesses as it has a direct effect on the bottom line of the company. Therefore, it is important for a business to keep up with the latest customer trends. This is where Martech (Marketing Technology) marketing and branding companies such as Forena come in to assist businesses to gain customer intelligence via WIFI data analytics. The technology enables businesses to collect data on different aspects concerning a customer. These include:

· People counting

· Unique customers

· Returning customers

· Dwell time

· Bounce rate

· Recency and frequency customers visit the business

· Cross shopping (customers shopping at other locations)

The information above helps businesses to know what customers want out of a product or a service. The businesses can then use the information to conform to the customers’ need and cultivate a positive customer experience.

Forena regularly deals with clients such as event organizers, hospitals, retail spaces and restaurants to offer them with analytics data for marketing, branding and customer experience.

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