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Forena wifi Connect

Forena WiFi Connect is the perfect business tool for your retail, hospitality and commercial environment. It is a solution that services your business by offering you an edge with fast and reliable connectivity while capturing customer data to gather demographic insights and help you build customer databases.

Our platform achieves this goal by helping you deliver the right messages to the right users utilising elegant portals and rich content. This is achieved by pushing targeted content according to past customer behaviour, location information and more.

With the location feature, you can see how long customers stay, how often they come back, and whether they are new to your business.

Being a cloud-based consumer analytics platform, the location analytics allows the Intelligent WiFi to plot your visitors on a map that gives you insights on;

•           Understanding whether a particular window display induces people into your store;

•           Tracking valuable assets across a large area; and

•           Giving your customer the location information needed for way-finding.

Our platform also offers customer insights for visitors that don’t use your WIFI and provides automated analysis of people within your vicinity including passers-by.

To find out more of about our intelligent WiFi, check out our Key Analytics

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