About Us

Your business is successfully built around its core products and services. This is true of all the inspiring partners that we work with daily and whom also provide us with  insights as to why they are the leading businesses and brands at the forefront of their industries.

As you know continued success requires continual measurement and growth.

With the current Global Covid-19 pandemic and fast approaching developments of the Technological revolution (4IIR) our partners have identified a fundamental change in the way we live,work and relate to one another and the effects this has on their businesses.

The challenge they face is how can they continue to focus on their proven and successful day-to-day running of their organisations and adapt to the changing environment around them without this affecting their current business and winning formulae.

Forena Group and it's companies were created to address the need for businesses/brands to be connected and your customers connected to you. Across our companies we offer technology platforms that allow businesses to connect to, acquire and retain customers whilst feeding into our back-end data analytics tools to provide insights into how to better serve, advise, educate and engage with customers to provide enhanced experiences and business to consumer relationships.

Our passion is connecting and our mission is to provide advanced technological platforms that add value to your business and customers.

Image by Helena Lopes