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About us

The name Forena is an old Swedish word that means “unite”. Forena, is a unique Martech (Marketing Technology) company the unites Branding and Marketing with Wifi Hotspot Technology.

The unique advantage offered by Forena is our Intelligent WiFi data analytics platform delivered over a Free Wifi Hotspot.


The platform is a secure cloud-based big data analytics and targeted customer engagement solution, designed to empower public facing venues with the types of consumer analytics and micro-targeting capabilities.


By capturing real-time hotspot analytics of consumer traffic patterns, venues and businesses can learn more about their customers, and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and merchandising.


The analytics can also correlate and combine captured data with cloud-sourced demographic and consumer behavioral data for real-time, location-based marketing to proactively influence customers and give them a world class experience. This powerful feature continuously gathers information and makes this critical data accessible to event/hospitality and retail owners in real-time which can be used for future planning and streamlining.


By working with you as a partner, we help you achieve your organisational revenue goals by using technology as an instrument to improve your company’s performance, visibility and brand.

As a business leader, generating revenue and driving down uneccesary costs in your organisation is one of the key objectives. But cutting costs no longer means that you have to sacrifice business growth and efficiency.

Our technology solutions can reduce cost and promote measurable return on investment.


Our expertise lies in utilizing existing technology across the business divide to bring you specific strategies, solutions and commercial partnerships that will help you achieve your business goals.